Dutch pancakes FTW Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Department of Psychology
University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B
1018 VZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands 

Email: EJ.Wagenmakers@gmail.com


My main research interests include Bayesian inference, models of decision making, and philosophy of science.

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Papers    Bayesian Cognitivc Modeling (book)    JASP (free stats software)    BayesianSpectacles (blog)

Bayesian Thinking for Toddlers (book)    Curriculum Vitae (pdf)    Personal (outdated)

Current PhD students: František Bartoš, Koen Derks (with Ruud Wetzels and Jacques de Swart), Angelika Stefan, Šimon Kucharský (with Ingmar Visser and Maartje Raaijmakers), Fabian Dablander, Don van den Bergh, Suzanne Hoogeveen (with Michiel van Elk), Alexandra Sarafoglou. Current postdocs: Johnny van Doorn, Tom Hardwicke (Marie-Curie Fellow), Frederik Aust, Udo Boehm, Julia Haaf, and Alexander Ly. Current software engineers: Bruno Boutin, Joris Goosen, Tim de Jong, and Amir Abdol.